Pletheon 3 In 1 Postpartum Belly Band Post Pregnancy Abdominal Belt For Women After Birth Belly/Waist/Pelvis Wrap Postnatal Shapewear, (Fit from 30 Inch to 46 Inches of waist)





  • Post-Pregnancy Abdominal Belt For Women: Targets the belly, waist, and pelvis, providing essential support and compression to aid in tightening and toning the abdominal area after giving birth.
  • For Women After Birth: Tailored to the needs of women in the postpartum period, this abdominal belt offers comfort and support during the recovery process.
  • Belly/Waist/Pelvis Wrap: Provides full coverage and support to the abdomen, waist, and pelvis, promoting proper alignment and helping to reduce postpartum discomfort.
  • Postnatal Shapewear: Doubles as postnatal shapewear, helping to smooth and contour the body while providing essential support for the abdominal muscles.
  • Fit from 30 Inch to 46 Inches of Waist: Adjustable design accommodates waist sizes ranging from 30 inches to 46 inches, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for a wide range of body types.
  • Comfortable and Breathable: Made from soft and breathable materials, this belly band is comfortable to wear for extended periods, making it ideal for everyday use during the postpartum period.
  • Convenient and Easy to Use: Simple hook-and-loop closure allows for easy adjustment and secure fastening, making it convenient for new mothers to use on their own.
  • Aids in Recovery: Supports the abdominal muscles and helps to promote healing and recovery after childbirth, allowing women to regain strength and confidence in their postpartum bodies.
  • Relief From Back Pain: Your body goes through a lot during and after pregnancy. A support belt provides healing compression and helps greatly in relieving back pain
  • Breathable & Comfortable: High-quality lightweight fabric doesnโ€™t roll up easily and remains sweat-free by circulating air through horizontal breathable vents
  • Multipurpose: This support belt helps your body get back to its former post-childbirth state. It helps reduce swelling & supports core muscles.
  • Shaping Belt: This belt works great as a body shaper too, making you look slimmer instantly. Adjustable fit: Available in 4 different sizes, the belt offers a custom and comfortable fit.

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