The Moms Co.Natural Body Butter for pregnant belly, Dry Skin and Itchy Skin




  • The Moms Co. Natural Body Butter For Pregnancy – This Mum Be Body Butter From Our Range Of Pregnancy Safe Skin Care Is Ideal For Expecting Moms And Helps Combat The Dry, Itchy, Stretching Skin That Usually Comes With Pregnancy. Safe For Use During And After Pregnancy.
  • This Pregnancy Belly Butter Is All Natural – Our Natural Body Butter Is A Toxin-Free Pregnancy Cream With A Rich Combination Of Cocoa And Shea Butter, moisturizing oils that increase your skin’s Natural Elasticity, Providing Comfort To Your Stretching Belly, Hips, And Breasts. Ideal For Use As A Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream And After Pregnancy Cream With Pregnancy Cocoa Butter.
  • NATURAL AND VEGAN BODY BUTTER MADE WITH A PERFECT BLEND OF POWERFUL & NURTURING PLANT OILS – Vitamin-C-rich Rosehip Oil helps stimulate collagen synthesis while the Natural Vitamin E prevents skin damage. Seabuckthorn Oil promotes skin elasticity and skin regeneration while cocoa and shea body butter helps nourish and encourage skin’s natural elasticity and prevent pregnancy dry skin.
  • OUR PREGNANCY SAFE PRODUCTS ARE MADE WITHOUT COMPROMISE – Our pregnancy belly cream with Vitamin C-rich rosehip oil helps stimulate collagen synthesis. Massage onto skin after showering or bathing, or anytime you need extra pampering. Natural Vitamin E helps prevent skin damage, making this an ideal post-pregnancy belly cream.
  • Nature In, Toxins Out The Moms Co. Body Butter Cream Contains No Harmful Or Synthetic Ingredients – Our Belly Cream For Pregnancy From Our Range Of Best Pregnancy Products Is Made Without Mineral Oil, Sulphates (Sls, Sles), Parabens, Dea/Tea, Phenoxyethanol, Synthetic Fragrances, Pegs And Many Other Potentially Harmful Chemicals.
  • Regular use of The Moms Body Butter can help pregnant women maintain healthy, hydrated skin, promoting overall well-being during this special time.
  • This body butter is a trusted choice for expecting mothers who prioritize natural and effective skincare solutions for themselves and their babies.

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